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Marvel Comics

From coffee table books for DK Publishing, to children's chapter books for Disney, to an ongoing Avengers comic book title for IDW, Matthew K. Manning has been writing for the House of Ideas for the better part of two decades. Their relationship began with one of Manning's favorite comics, a short story in the pages of Spider-Man Unlimited #7 (March 2004), and it has continued through the years in the form of dozens of books starring the likes of Wolverine, Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, the Guardians of the Galaxy, and Spider-Man.

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Marvel Action: Avengers

Published by IDW, Marvel Action: Avengers is a twelve-issue series that tells four connecting stories of the Earth's Mightiest Heroes. The series was reprinted in a series of four trade paperback volumes, featuring the art of Jon Sommariva and Marcio Fiorito.

Spider-Man Chronicle

This hardcover from DK Publishing tells the history of Spider-Man in a month-by-month format, from the early days of Stan Lee and Steve Ditko to his modern adventures. Co-written by Alan Cowsill.

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Avengers Encyclopedia

A comprehensive who's who in Marvel's most popular superhero team. Co-written by Matt Forbeck, Dan Wallace, Alan Cowsill, and Glenn Dakin and published by DK Publishing.

Deadpool: Drawing the Merc With a Mouth

Published by Insight Editions, this coffee table book serves as a complete history of Marvel's oddest oddball, including larger-than-life illustrations and an original cover by Reilly Brown.

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