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From chapter books starring rainbow-barfing unicorns to coffee table books showcasing zombies of a more terrifying nature, things can get weird when Matthew K. Manning isn't writing about super-heroes. He has written numerous art books, guidebooks, chapter books, and children's books, and has tackled subjects as diverse as heroic drone pilots in his four-book series Drone Academy for Capstone, to a brief history on semi-fictional dinosaurs in his book Welcome to Jurassic World for Running Press.

AotWDU cover.jpg

The Art of the Walking Dead Universe

From original drawings to behind-the-scenes makeup tests, to sets and scenery, read the not-so-horrific truth behind the making of The Walking Dead phenomenon in this hardcover from Skybound and AMC.

Artemis Fowl: How to be an L.E.P. Recon

A tie-in to the 2020 Disney film, How to be a L.E.P. Recon is not just a guide to the tools of the trade of the Lower Elements Police, it also features several original short stories set in this fascinating world of fairies and trolls. Also available in audiobook format. For the younger Artemis Fowl fan, Manning also adapted the 2020 film in the children's book Artemis Fowl: A Fowl Adventure.

Artemis Fowl.jpg

Xander and the Rainbow-Barfing Unicorns

This six-volume series published by Capstone tells the tale of an ordinary kid named Xander who stumbles on three undead refugees from the talking pony world of Pegasia. And if Xander doesn't feed his new friends a steady diet of garbage, these unicorns... well, they barf rainbows. (It's right there in the title, you guys. You should have seen that coming.) Written by Manning and illustrated by Joey Ellis.

Sideshow: Fine Art Prints

Sideshow is a company known not just for its upscale collectibles, but also for its fine art print collection. This beautifully illustrated hardcover showcases those prints in spectacular fashion, with a bit of history and background provided by Manning for good measure.

Sideshow Fine Art Prints cover.jpg

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